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The Sindhi Association of UK (SAUK) is a registered charity which started in the eighties. Our main goal is to serve the Sindhi community living in London (and UK) and create awareness of our Sindhi identity, cultural and religious heritage.

The Sindhi Association of UK is on Twitter.

Our Twitter feed is aimed at all Sindhis throughout the world. So you don't need to be a British Sindhi to follow us on Twitter!

Twitter is a great way for the SAUK to keep you up to date news and information.

We aim to use Twitter to create an 'informal' chatter with the Sindhi community.

You can read the SAUK Tweets here, or you can sign up on Twitter.


Live Feed from Twitter**

Sindhi Association Diwali Ball 2016


15 October 2016

Hilton London Wembley
Lakeside Way


SAUK are proud to announce the 2016 annual Sindhi Association Diwali Ball.
3 Course Meal  ~ Entertainment  ~ DJ & Music & Dance until late


Sindhi Film Festival 2015

Bhavna Rajpal is a PhD student in Sindhi Cinema has collected every Sindhi film ever made. She has organised a Sindhi Film Festival 2015. The screenings are FREE.


All the films will be screened in their original language - Sindhi. Though the films do not have English subtitles, the curator is confident that when she introduces the films in English language, the audience will feel comfortable to watch and enjoy them!


Performance of Hojamaalo

Thursday 10 December 2015 6.30pm

The the opening of the Sindhi Film Festival with a staged performance based on the screenplay of "Hojamaalo", a lost 1969 Sindhi-language film directed by Raj Daswani, made in India. A story of two childhood friends, separated by Partition, who find each other on the battlefield during a war, loosely based on the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, will be restaged based on insights by the filmmakers and archival memorabilia.

Performance Cast: Ram, the Hindu friend - Prof. Michel Boivin, anthropologist and historian Rahim, the Muslim friend - Raj Daswani, director of "Hojamaalo" Sujata, Ramís fiancťe and the nurse who saves Rahimís life - Geeta Daswani, original actress in "Hojamaalo"


December 2015 schedule

Friday 11 December 2015 5pm  

Jhoolelal (Dir: Deepak Asha, 1966)

Saturday 12 December 2015 2pm

Abana (the people of my motherland) (Dir: Deepak Asha and Arjan Hingorani, 1958)

Sunday 13 December 2015 2pm

Umar Marvi  (Dir: Shaikh Hasan, 1956)

Monday 14 December 2015 7pm

Sindhi-aje-Kinar (On the banks of the river Sindh)

Tuesday 15 December 2015 7pm

Pardesi (Stranger) 
(Dir: S. A. Ghaffar, 1958))

Wednesday 16 December 2015 3pm

Ladli (Beloved)

Wednesday 16 December2015 7pm

Shal Dhiyar Na Jaman (May daughters not be born)
(Dir: Deepak Asha, 1969)

Friday 18 December 2015 6pm

Nakuli Shaan (False pride)
(Dir: Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay, 1971)

Saturday 19 December 2015 2pm

Noori Jam Tamachi
(Dir: Shaikh Hasan, 1970)

Sunday 20 December 2015 2pm

Hal ta Bhajee Haloon (Come letís run away!)
(Dir: Madan Jumani, 1984)

Sunday 20 December 2015 6pm

Ammi ya Mummy (Mother or Mummy)
(Dir: Ashok Vazirani, 1986)

Monday 21 December 2015 7pm

Haider Khan
(Dir: Yousuf Nasar, 1985)

Tuesday 22 December 2015 7pm


Dil Dije Dilwaran Khe (Give your heart to those who have one)
(Dir: Yashwant, 2000)

Wednesday 23 December 2015 3pm

Karo Maachi
(Dir: Babar Sultan, 1990)


January 2016 schedule

Saturday 2 January 2016 Schedule to be advised.
Sunday 3 January 2016 Check the facebook page below.
Monday 4 January 2016  
Tuesday 5 January 2016  
Wednesday 6 January 2016  
Thursday 7 January 2016  
Friday 8 January 2016

For more information visit the Sindhi Film Festival facebook page:

To book FREE Tickets  

Project Space (Street gallery)
Harrow Campus
University of Westminster
Watford Road
United Kingdon

Nearest Tube : Northwick Park

Sindhi Centre
The New Sindhi Centre Building at 230A Kenton Rod, Harrow, HA3 8BY
Funded by the Community and Local Donors

It is a pleasure to update on the completion of your new Sindhi Cenrtre. You must be wondering why it has taken a while to reach this stage, but the delay is primarily due to the long delays in drying up of the base where the foundation was laid due to exceptionally heavy rain just after we stated on the project. Other smaller delays are due to material procurement and teh connection of Gas and Electricity which is a very cumbersome affair.


We hope to have a our open day on 15th November (provisional) with the hope of Ground Floor being ready for this event and also for normal use public who want to rent our hall.


We still need more funding to complete the first floor hall and any donation you can offer will be very helpful to complete this quickly. Once you see the finished centre you will be proud of it as it is your Centre and you can tell all your family and friends about it. On the open day, which you are all invited to attend, we will be serving snacks and there will be entertainment including a Sindhi Skit which has been written and directed by Mr Soni.


On behalf of our Trustees and Committee members, I would like to thank all of you who have and are considering donating funds and/or buying bricks (each at £51) which will go towards the new Sindhi Centre. You may buy as many bricks as you like. Please arrange to send your cheques to my address given below. We look forward to welcoming you all to our 2015 Sindhi Association Ball on 7th November as well as The Diwali Open day to be held at your new Centre on 15th November.


Donations and sponsorships are welcome from overseas and non-members. Please contact

Ceremony to mark building of Sindhi Centre

On Sunday 6th October 2013 "Bhumi Puja" (Foundation Prayers) was held to bless the rebuilding of the Sindhi Centre. Ater the Puja (prayers), there was a short talk on the 'outlook of the new centre' following by the 'launch of the new brick building fund

The project has the continued blessing of both Mr Gopichand and Mr Srichand Hinduja.

The new centre will be a state of the art building for the Sindhi and local community.


Photos courtesy of Chandru Gidoomal & Renu Gidoomal (copyright 2013)


Old Sindhi Centre

The old Sindhi Centre had structural problems and needed rebuilding.


Hiring Sindhi Centre

The Sindhi Centre will soon be available for hire.

SAUK Facebook

The SAUK is now on facebook. So take the time to visit our page and join and participate with other members.


YSUK (Young Sindhi UK)

YSUK is the youth wing of the SAUK, which plans events  for Young Sindhi students and young professionals. Please see the YSUK  Facebook page which has restricted entry or  alternativerly visit the YSUK web site


Dada J.P. Vaswani celebration of 95th birthday
Congratulations to J.P. Vaswani who celebrates his 95th Birthday. He is an inspiration to all the world.
An interactive session with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, hosted by Aamir Khan held on Sunday July 28th at the Sadhu Vaswani Mission in Pune, Maharashtra, India, as part of Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani's 95th birthday celebrations.

Campaign for a Sindhi TV Channel
Sindhi Sangat is leading the way in campaigning to get our own Sindhi TV Channel, but it needs the support of our community.

Despite the Sindhi community contributing significantly to the economy of India. Many of India's states have their own language TV channels, but not Sindhis. This situation is unfavourable to the Sindhis in India.

Television media, without doubt is the most powerful media for promoting our language. Not only this, but our own TV Channel will help form a bond to the Sindhi communities that are scattered throughout the world.

Sindhi Sangat have collected over 3500 petition signatures on

Sindhi Sangat are asking Sindhis to send postcards to the Prime minister of India.

Send a PostCard for 24 Hours DD-Sindhi Channel


Postcard Campaign for a Sindhi Channel


Sindhi Voices Project

We Need you!


Natasha Raheja is a MA student in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She has started the Sindhi Voices Project.

She will be travelling across the United States, Pakistan, North and West India. She aims to document the life narratives (audio and video) of our Sindhi elders who lived through the 1947 Partition of British India and have memories of growing up in Sindh and life post-partition.

She is excited about this oral histories project and wants to develop an archive of oral history.

In addition, she is looking to volunteers to record memories of their loved ones and  elders in the community and send in their interview to form the Sindhi voices archive.

Everyone has a story to be told and we want to hear it. All this is part of our culture and heritage our history. Also, if you have photos, family trees and diaries of family members.

Sindhi Voices Project web site will be operational soon
A field kit is available from the Sindhi Voices for conducting interviews.

Sindhi Voices project can be contacted on

Funding is needed to take this project for this project.

Sindh Stories from a Vanished Homeland
Saaz Aggarwal was in London on a book to talk about her new book 'Sindh - Stories from a Vanished Homeland'. Her book is available for purchase on Amazon.
Stories from the Partition of India- Sindhi Stories


Sindhi Reflections

(Click to see back cover)
(Click to see Forward by L.K. Advani)


To Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Partition is a book Sindhi Reflections by Lata Jagtiani which is a personal account of 140 Sindhis who went through the Partition of India. Lata Jagtiani's book aims to preserve the experiences of Sindhis during the Partition.

The book is available directly from the author in Mumbai .

Extract from her book : "Narayaan Malkani's story (Karachi / USA) - The purpose of reliving this experience some sixty odd years later is only to describe what Sindhi Hindus went through at the time of the Partition of India, namely, the atrocities, the scare, the terror, the mass migration of the population, the parent's concern for the safety of women, girls and children, the murder of innocent people, the leaving of our birthplace and the leaving behind of all our property and precious belongings with a genuine hope of returning to our homeland. The traumatic experiences are now history, it is the dead past. No one can change it and no on can do anything about it, all we can do is to talk about it.

But it is a matter of pride that we Sindhis who migrated to India empty handed with just the clothes on our body, have survived and prospered. Not only have we prospered but the area that we settled in, have prospered as well. The Sindhi community has proved itself a dignified and strong enterprising community. We even managed to re-establish ourselves in India after having been uprooted from our homeland, Sindhi....."


Dada JP Vaswani
A beautiful and inspirational video message from Dada Vaswani given in the Sindhi language.


Panchatantra Stories in Sindhi

What are the Panchatantra Stories?

The Panchatantra stories are fables based mostly on animals which always end with a moral. The animals portray a constant character, e.g. the lion is always strong, the fox is always cunning etc. These stories illuminating the qualities of human nature, are as relevant today in the space age, as they were, when they were first written  and form a wonderful part of the Indian heritage. 

(more videos available to view from

(more videos available to view from

The Panchatantra stories were written by Pandit Vishnu Sharma. 

The Panchatantra is a 'niti shastra' or textbook of 'niti' - 'wise conduct of life'. The original stories were written in prose.  It begins by saying that the King Amarshakti  of Mahilaropya in South India had four mischievous sons, who were badly in need of being disciplined. The king put them in charge of Pandit Vishnu Sharma, who taught them all about politics, administration and morals through a series of stories or fables.

It is said that an ounce of sense contained in the Panchatantra is better than a ton of books. The word, 'Panchatantra' means, the 'Five Books'. The tales, primarily about animals, are organized into five books on such topics as winning friends, losing property and waging war.

The Panchatantra is broken up into 5 volumes which are:

  1. Differences Between Friends

  2. Union With Friends

  3. Friendship Of Former Enemy Is Untrustworthy

  4. Unwavering Intelligence Even During Emergencies

  5. Accomplishment Of Ones Task Using Discriminative Intelligence

A multimedia CD is available from Sindhi Sangat

Sindhi Cooking

For Sindhi Recipes visit which now has over 100 mouth-watering, delicious recipes, all Traditional Sindhi Homestyle Food.

From Dal Pakwan - the most famous Sindhi breakfast to Sindhi Curry, Sai-Bhaji Pulav and much more...

Alka Keswani is doing a fantastic job by adding new Sindhi recipe every week. She has won various awards for her contributions online

It is said the best way to get into a Man's heart is through his stomach.

So why wait, learn to cook the best of Sindhi Food!

Internet - Radio Sindhi
This is Radio Sindhi being broadcast from Mumbai, India. This is first Sindhi Radio Station available Internationally via the Internet.

Radio Sindhi is an initiative and platform to re-bind our dispersed Sindhi Community which is scattered across the world. With this initiative we would like to make our community aware about our Sindhi Music, Movies, Drama, Culture and Language. Radio Sindhi is an effort to erase the geographical distances that exists between our Creative Artists and Audience.

To listen please visit


Also available via TuneIn app.
Blackberry users can listen via the TuneIn app when downloaded from the Amazon App Store.
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