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Sindhi Food

Sindhi food has some elements which are similar to neighbhooring Indian states, but also has a number of unique dishes. As Hindu Sindhis are scattered throughout the world, often the cuisine is a mix of both Sindhi food and often local foods. A Sindhi in Spain may have Paella, a Sidhi in Morocco have cous cous and a Sindhi in Hong Kong will have local dishes. Sindhis were eating a far more international cuisine due to travelling and meeting other Sindhis in other countries

Breakfast, Snack or Brunch

Dish                  Description  
Seyal Mani Famous Sindhi dish
Seyal Dab-roti A variant of Seyal Mani, but using bread instead of chapattis  
Koki or Loli Koki and Loli are the same dish, but different families use different terminologies. Some Sindhis will eat Loli with pickles, but many Sindhis don't consider it good form to to mix yogurt and pickles). This is a popular dish served at breakfast or brunch.  
Dhodo Chutney
Dal Pakwan The famous Sindhi breakfast. Although it can be eaten anytime or a snack. Made with Lentil and served with solid crunchy puri  
Besrai Omlette Gram flaour based pankcake with chopped onions, corriander leaves.  
Patatey Ji Mani Potato filled chappaties  
Bhaat Sweet Porridge. Given to a sick child  
Ku-ini Kich-anee Sindhi comfort food. Unsweetened rice like porridge and served with yogurt  
Pappad A crisp and thin snack. Sindhi will generally eat this after a meal to digest food and in particular after an oily meal. A fried Papad are generally eaten alongside a meal  

Vegetarian Sindhi Main Dishes

Sindhi Vegetarian Dishes

Dish                  Description  
Sindhi Kadhi Famous Sindhi Curry served with rice  
Sai Bhaji A spinach based gravy, sai means green - the colour of spinach  
Seyal Dab-roti    
Bhee ji Bhaji Lotus root in thick curry  

Sindhi Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Hindu Sindhis can either be vegetarians or eat meat. Some choose to have a combination where important religious days are observed whilst eating meat on others.


Dish                  Description  
Sindhi Kadhi Famous Sindhi Curry served with rice  
Kheemo Dubroti Mince meat on bread  
Pava Goat Legs (hoofs) is a delicacy.  
Machi ja Kofta Fish Balls  
Maagas Brains (often sheeps).  

Sindhi sweets and Desserts

Khirni Malpura and more coming soon....

Sindhi Food Videos

Sample Sindhi Videos and more coming soon.....

Sindhi Food for ailments

Within India both through Ayurveda and general knowleges certain foods posess certain properties for postive health.

Turmeric (Haldi) has been known for its benefit, but only recently has the West learned of its benefits.

Sindhi foods do and don't

Do and Dont. Generally Sindhis don't mix fish and dairy products such as milk or ice cream. Nor will milk be drunk with orange, lemon juice or tomatoes.

Some Sindhi believe certain foods such as dates cause heat in the body, so more popular in winter then summer

Some Sindhis will not eat water melons in the night.

In the modern age, some people follow these tradition and others don't

Sindhi Cooking Books

There are a number of Sindhi cooking books.

Simply Sumptuous Sindhi Cooking TheEssentialSindhiCookBook MemoriesofSindh.jpg Sindhi Cuisine The Aromatic Memoir of a Daughter Sindhi_Khana Neetu Mamtani

There a number of Sindhi cooking books available on Amazon.

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Sindhi Food Glossary

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