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Sindhi Language

The Sindhi language is an Indo-Aryan language and is a descendant of Sanskript language. Sindhi originated in the lower Indus River Valley and takes its name from the river Indus known in earlier times as the Sindhu. Today, the Sindhi language is spoken in Sindh, but also in India when Hindu Sindhis left Sindh following Partition of India in 1947. Today Hindu Sindhis are scattered all over India and and diaspora communities all over the world..

Sample Sindhi Words

Sample Sindhi Words

Did you know?

  1. Sindhi is one of the official languages of India and recognised in the Eight Schedule of the Constitution.
  2. Sindhi is the official language in the province of Sindh
  3. Sindhi is one of the official languages in the United Nations (UN)
  4. The Universal Declarations of Human Rights is available in Sindhi
  5. You can get Google in the Sindhi Language
  6. Google Translator
  7. Sindhi has its origins in Sanskript
  8. Sindhi is still spoken in Sindh
  9. Sindhi has dialects which can vary town to town
  10. Sindhi can be written in many scripts (e.g. Devanagri, Gurmukhi)
  11. There are a number of initiatives to write Sindhi in Romanised script (i.e. English)
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